Pinterest Marketing: The Only Guide You Need to Make It Work

Growing a small business and taking it to the next level is what every entrepreneur strives for. There are many digital marketing tools that help you achieve this goal, Instagram being one of them.

Over the years, Instagram has proven to be a powerful visual channel to build brand awareness and a loyal audience that is actually responsive. With over 500 million users logging into Instagram everyday, the social media platform continues to help small businesses of all types increase their reach.

With this kind of potential, no wonder entrepreneurs are so interested in building an Instagram following!

Furthermore, when it comes to engagement rates, Instagram is known to give much better results. In a Forrester study, it was found that the average engagement rate for brands on Instagram was almost 60 times higher than the social media giant, Facebook.

Using Instagram, a small business can effectively…

  1. Reach out to potential customers and connect to them
  2. Build and nurture a stronger relationship with existing customers
  3. Improve the chances of making sales from within the app

However, in order to reap the true benefits of Instagram marketing, it is important that you focus on building an Instagram following that you can count on. Worry not, in this article you’ll learn the little things that you can do to have a strong impact on your follower numbers.

Ways on How to Get More Followers on Instagram

  • 1. Post at the Right Times
  • 2. Post New Content Consistently
  • 3. Use the Right Hashtags
  • 4. Steal Your Competitor’s Followers
  • 5. Give People What they Want
  • 6. Run a Proper Giveaway
  • 7. Keep an Eye on Your Followers

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